07 December 2012Update on Thailand Operations

03 December 2012AGM Audio & New Opportunities Interview

28 November 2012Change of Director's Interest Notice

28 November 2012Results of Annual General Meeting

28 November 2012Managing Director's Address to Shareholders

23 November 2012Shortfall Not to Proceed

05 November 2012Change of Director's Interest Notice

31 October 2012Appendix 4C - quarterly

26 October 2012Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

17 October 2012Investor Presentation

09 October 2012Proposed use of Technology

08 October 2012Kollakorn Thailand Completes Installation of Checkpoints

28 September 2012Annual Report to shareholders

28 September 2012Completed SMARTRFID Installation at Military Base

10 September 2012Kollakorn Thailand wins Military Base contract

03 September 2012Company to test RFID asset tracking technology in Australia

31 August 2012Preliminary Final Report

30 August 2012Change of Director's Interest Notice

29 August 2012Rights Issue Closure

14 August 2012Cleansing Statement

14 August 2012Change of Director's Interest Notice

14 August 2012Appendix 3B

14 August 2012Results of Meeting

02 August 2012Additional Shares to be issued to Promissory Note Holders

31 July 2012Appendix 4C - quarterly

26 July 2012Appendix 3B

26 July 2012Cleansing Statement

26 July 2012Offer Memorandum

26 July 2012Pro-rata Renounceable Offer of Fully Paid Ordinary Shares

13 July 2012Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form

09 July 2012Boardroom Radio Interview - Company Update

05 July 2012MIKOH changes name to Kollakorn Corporation

04 July 2012MIKOH receives $1.25 million to fund future growth

29 June 2012Expiry of Listed Options

22 June 2012Boardroom Radio Interview - Company Update

20 June 2012MIKOH Increases Ownership of Kollakorn

15 June 2012DLT Releases May 2012 Stats for RFID Speed Control System

14 June 2012DLT Completes RFID Command Control Centre

12 June 2012Update on Thailand Mandatory Rollout

08 June 2012MIKOH Termination Agreement with La Jolla Unconditional

05 June 2012MIKOH's New Octopus Tag

29 May 2012Expiry of Options

28 May 2012Mikoh Tag Technology Used For New Tolling Project In Taiwan

25 May 2012Investor Presentation

22 May 2012MIKOH Secures Second Source of Supply for a New Tag Design

21 May 2012MIKOH Terminates La Jolla Cove Agreement

14 May 2012Expiry of Options

27 April 2012Appendix 4C - quarterly

10 April 2012Cleansing Notice

10 April 2012Appendix 3B

28 March 2012Change of Director's Interest Notice

26 March 2012Case Study of use of MIKOH Tags by L`Oreal

26 March 2012Expiry of Options

22 March 2012Cleansing Notice

22 March 2012Appendix 3B

21 March 2012MIKOH Tags play a Major Role in Thai Road Safety Campaign

15 March 2012Cleansing Notice

15 March 2012Appendix 3B

12 March 2012Brokers Roadshow Presentation

06 March 2012Boardroom Radio Interview - Company Update

29 February 2012Appendix 4D and Half Year Accounts

24 February 2012Cleansing Notice

24 February 2012Appendix 3B

20 February 2012Cleansing Notice

20 February 2012Appendix 3B

14 February 2012Final Acceptance by the DLT of Kollakorn`s EVR obligations

09 February 2012Deputy Minister of Transport Announces Policy on RFID

07 February 2012MIKOH Director is Awarded the `Phra Kinnaree Award`

01 February 2012Extension of Managing Director`s Contract

31 January 2012Cleansing Notice

31 January 2012Appendix 3B

31 January 2012Appendix 4C - quarterly

20 January 2012BRR Interview - Company update

19 January 2012Cleansing Notice

19 January 2012Appendix 3B

19 January 2012MIKOH Exercises Lien over Kodiak Shares Held in Escrow

17 January 2012MIKOH Receives Repeat Order from India

16 January 2012MIKOH Increases Interest in Kollakorn

13 January 2012News Release from the Dept. of Land Transport - Thailand

12 January 2012Announcement by the Department of Land Transport - Thailand

12 January 2012Cleansing Notice

12 January 2012Appendix 3B

11 January 2012Expiry of Options

10 January 2012MIKOH Receives US Government Order

06 January 2012Cleansing Notice

06 January 2012Appendix 3B

04 January 2012Change of CFO and Resignation of Joint Company Secretary