22 December 2014Placement of Shares and Reduction of Debt

22 December 2014Cleansing Notice

22 December 2014Appendix 3B

02 December 2014Expiry of Options

24 November 2014Resignation of Managing Director

24 November 2014Results of Meeting

24 November 2014Managing Director's Address to Shareholders

07 November 2014Update on PCT Phase for CertainID

31 October 2014Appendix 4C

28 October 2014KKL Signs Royalty Agreement with 3M Corporation

24 October 2014Kollakorn Recent Successes

23 October 2014Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

20 October 2014Response to ASX Query

30 September 2014Annual Report to shareholders

30 September 2014Cleansing Notice

30 September 2014Appendix 3B

30 September 2014Kollakorn Private Placement

29 August 2014Preliminary Final Report

07 August 2014Response to Appendix Query - Appendix 4C

01 August 2014Expiry of Options

16 June 2014Appendix 3B & Cleansing Notice

05 May 2014Kollakorn Thailand Exercises Right

17 April 2014Appendix 4C - quarterly

28 February 2014Half Year Accounts

30 January 2014Appendix 4C - quarterly