22 December 2016Reinstatement to Official Quotation

22 December 2016Details of the Proposed Acquisition of Isity Global

16 December 2016Cleansing Notice

16 December 2016Appendix 3B

12 December 2016Change of Director's Interest Notice x 2

12 December 2016Appendix 3B

06 December 2016Expiry of Options

05 December 2016Response to Appendix 4C query

28 November 2016Results of Meeting

28 November 2016Suspension from Official Quotation

28 November 2016CEO's Presentation to Shareholders

28 November 2016CEO's Address to Shareholders

24 November 2016Cleansing Notice

24 November 2016Appendix 3B

11 November 2016Somapa signs MOU for Implementation APPS in Lao PDR

31 October 2016Appendix 4C - quarterly

28 October 2016Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

03 October 2016Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement

03 October 2016Annual Report to shareholders

01 September 2016Preliminary Final Report

09 August 2016Response to ASX Appendix 4C Query

29 July 2016Appendix 4C

22 June 2016Response to ASX Price Query

16 June 2016Appointment of CEO - Listing Rule 3.16.4

30 May 2016Appointment of CEO and COO

20 May 2016Response to ASX Query (Half-Year Report)

27 April 2016Appendix 4C

06 April 2016Cleansing Notice

06 April 2016Appendix 3B

06 April 2016Amendment to Exit Agreement

31 March 2016Final Director's Interest Notice

29 March 2016Resignation of CEO and Director - Mr Richard Sealy

03 March 2016Change of Director's Interest Notice x 3

29 February 2016Cleansing Notice

29 February 2016Appendix 3B

23 February 2016Response to ASX Appendix 4C Query

22 February 2016Half Yearly Report and Accounts

19 February 2016Rollover of Convertible Notes

28 January 2016Appendix 4C