27 November 2017Results of Meeting

27 November 2017CEO's Address to Shareholders

06 November 2017Cleansing Notice

06 November 2017Appendix 3B

06 November 2017Kollakorn Raises A$500,000 from Chinese Investors

01 November 2017Appendix 4C

27 October 2017Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

09 October 2017Cleansing Notice

09 October 2017Appendix 3B

03 October 2017Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement

02 October 2017Annual Report to shareholders

01 September 2017Kollakorn Signs Agreement with a Western African Partner

31 August 2017Preliminary Final Report

30 August 2017KKL Strengthens Ties with Somapa Information Technology PCL

09 August 2017Kollakorn Expands its Technology Offering

27 July 2017Appendix 4C

24 July 2017Change of Director's Interest Notice - Hunting

24 July 2017Appendix 3B

24 July 2017Kollakorn Completes Agreement with Isity Global

12 July 2017Consolidation and Dispatch of Holding Statements

05 July 2017Kollakorn Signs Teaming Agreement with Argentina Partner

05 July 2017Change of Director's Interest Notice - Correction

03 July 2017Change of Director's Interest Notice x 4

03 July 2017Appendix 3B

30 June 2017Update - Consolidation/Split - KKL

30 June 2017Results of Meeting

30 June 2017CEO's Address to Shareholders

30 May 2017Cleansing Notice

30 May 2017Appendix 3B

29 May 2017Consolidation/Split - KKL

29 May 2017Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form & IER

25 May 2017Kollakorn Signs Teaming Agreement with Myanmar Partner

01 May 2017Appendix 4C - quarterly

29 March 2017ASX Grants Confirmation in Respect of Listing Rule 6.1

28 February 2017Half Yearly Report and Accounts

03 February 2017Cleansing Notice

03 February 2017Appendix 3B

31 January 2017Appendix 4C - quarterly

05 January 2017Isity, KKL's Acquisition Target, Signs Major Agreement