Track TransitVault Asset Tracking

The Kollakorn Smart&Secure™ tamper indicating RFID tag ensures a one-to-one relationship with the asset and the tag. This means you are tracking the asset and not just the tag. Asset management and tracking using Passive UHF RFID is cost effective, efficient and discreet.


Using either a fixed or mobile reader network, the movement of assets can be tracked and reported in real time or at regular intervals. The movement of assets such as laptops, high value or mobile office equipment can be tracked through a fixed reader network and unauthorized movements may be detected before the loss of an asset. Inventory management is also made easier for accounting or stock-level management purposes where a handheld reader or smart shelving can be used to maintain an accurate catalogue of assets at all times.

For the transport of security sensitive or high value assets, the Kollakorn TransitVault RT™ case, which may be the size of a small briefcase or a shipping container, can be used.


The case incorporates tracking and reporting technology, along with a range of tamper sensors, enabling the regular reporting of its location and tamper status. TransitVault RT™ alerts the owner of the asset in real-time, via either email or SMS (or both), that it has been diverted or tampered with, enabling initiation of remedial action to recover the asset or apprehend the perpetrators.

TransitVault RT™ solves the problem of asset loss via diversion, fraud or theft during storage or transport over diverse global transportation pathways where there may be little infrastructure.