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Interviews with
Richard Sealy

05 September 2013
Kollakorn Shareholder Update and Placement (Audio Interview)

03 December 2012
Kollakorn AGM 2012
(Audio Interview)

09 July 2012
Mikoh to change name to Kollakorn and increase stake
(Audio Interview)

22 June 2012
Mikoh increases stake in Kollakorn
(Audio Interview)

Richard's Interview

06 March 2012
Interview with Managing Director: Mikoh target 30m vehicles in Thailand

20 January 2012
Mikoh comment on recent news flow and funding deal
(Audio Interview)

11 November 2011
Mikoh files new patent for next-gen technology (Audio Interview)

03 November 2011
Mikoh to benefit from enforced speed control (Audio Interview)

27 October 2011
Mikoh signs significant deal with L'Oreal in India (Audio Interview)

07 September 2011
Business Review Thailand

1 September 2011
Annual Results (Audio Interview)

24 August 2011
La Jolla Cove Announcement (Audio Interview)

Richard's Interview

05 August 2011
Interview with Managing Director

Kollakorn is a technology company whose core philosophy is the development of technologies for asset identification and security. The main product of Kollakorn is a secure tamper evident RFID tag that can be used for application on all types of assets for security and identification purposes and guarantees that if operating, the essential one-to-one relationship between the asset and the RFID tag that ensures that the asset itself and not just the RFID tag, is being tracked.

The major activity of Kollakorn is the implementation of its tamper evident RFID tag technology in Thailand and throughout Asia Pacific. The RFID tag is used in Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and provides one platform for many applications such as vehicle registration, speed monitoring, free flow and congestion tolling, parking, fleet management, e-commerce, border security and access control.

Kollakorn: One Platform Many Applications.